Mat Happy Yoga in Hilliard, Ohio | Yoga Studio

Playful, soulful and meaningful yoga sessions developed by your trusted Mat Happy yoga instructors now available in your home or on the go!

Full length classes for all levels and styles, shorter sessions to suit your schedule & tutorials to help you build your skills!

Time is a valuable asset. We respect yours and want to help you make the most of it. Our goal is to help you feel better and grow your yoga practice.

Purchase for $10 or use your class passes. Instructions: Click on link, pay for video class and click Book Service. Select your video and enjoy!

Free Videos

A Mat Happy Introduction

Learn more about how the happiest place in town came to be from sister owners Rhiannon & Kelly. Mat Happy Yoga is launching online videos you can do from home or when traveling! A variety of classes include Vinyasa, Power, Yoga/Pilates Fusion, Deep Stretch, Yin Yoga, Tutorials & More. Mat Happy classes are curated by our team of professional, creative yoga instructors who strive to keep you safe and feeling good! Watch Now

Strength and Balance with Rhiannon

A short sequence to cultivate strength and balance led by Rhiannon. Repeat often to chart your progress! Watch Now

A Safer Camel Pose with Katie

Open the entire front body to create space in the chest and lungs to improve your breathing and spinal flexibility. Camel pose, a yoga backbend, is made accessible in this short tutorial by Katie. Watch Now

Stretch, Flow & Go! with Kitty

Feeling slow, grumpy or lethargic? Or perhaps need a little boost to get going? It’s amazing what 10 minutes of joyful movement can do! Get ready to stretch, flow & get on with your day with Kitty. Watch Now

Video Classes

A Flow for the Hips with Jenilee

Great for a mid-day break or to counter a day of sitting! Join Jenilee for an accessible hip-focused flow. Watch Now

Align & Flow with Jenn

This class integrates an anatomy and or philosophical focus with a slow flow asana practice, imparting an experience of a mini workshop. Join Jenn to concentrate on the core.
Watch Now

Deep Stretch with Kelly

Melt away tension from the stressors of the day with poses to help unfurl tight spots so you can restore the body & mind for a more restful slumber. Watch Now

Energy Flow with Melinda

What do you want to unleash? Harness Shakti energy in this fluid movement practice with Melinda. Watch Now

Espresso Flow with Kelly

This 30 minute flow is akin to a shot of quick energy for your morning or afternoon pick-me-up. Watch Now

Power Flow with Sara

Transition through a series of postures using steady breath and strong flowing movement to build strength and increase stamina. Watch Now

Power Yoga with Colleen

A feel good ladder flow with Colleen stacking postures to build your Power! Watch Now

Set Sequence with Katie

Measure your progress with a set sequence of poses designed to build internal heat! Option to add external heat to your room and embrace the sweat. Watch Now

Twofer with Claudia

A twofer! This practice opens with a short guided relaxation, followed by 10 minutes of gentle and easy stretches suitable for the whole family or as a reset from the work day. Flow into sun salutations standing poses to wrap up. Watch Now

Vinyasa Flow & Breath of Joy with Jenilee

Begin with Breath of Joy followed by an energetic Vinyasa Flow led by Jenilee. Watch Now

Vinyasa Flow & Body Scan with Courtney

An all-levels flow ending with a relaxing body scan.
Watch Now

Vinyasa Flow with Colleen

A fun flow focusing on balance and hip opening leading up to an unbound Bird of Paradise! Watch Now

Vinyasa Flow with Kitty

Have some fun on your mat! This playful flow takes your mind off your worries and builds strength to face challenges. Watch Now

Yin Yoga with Kitty

Longer held poses blend seamlessly with a calming mindfulness practice in this hip focused Yin class.
Watch Now

Yoga/Pilates Fusion with Rhiannon

This full body workout targets your core with a focus on precision and flow! Traditional mat pilates is combined with playful variations and yoga postures for a feel good class with options to increase intensity using light weights. Watch Now


Learn Pincha Mayurasana with Melinda

Make the challenging more accessible! Move step-by-step into forearm balance using the wall. This inversion ignites your focus while strengthening shoulders and back muscles. Watch Now

Sun Salutations with Claudia

Wake up and salute the sun with a 15 minute Sun Salutation & plank variations sequence led by Claudia. Watch Now

Establish Your Meditation Practice: Tutorial

Tips on starting a meditation practice with Melinda followed by a short, guided relaxation. Watch Now

Stretch Assist with Jenn

Grab a chair, but not to sit in! Using this prop, find support to better open the body. The added benefit of the chair takes pressure off the wrists and allows you to focus on feeling the poses. Watch Now