Mat Happy Yoga in Hilliard, Ohio | Yoga Studio

Claudia Hamman

Claudia began practicing yoga over twenty years ago as a compliment to her active lifestyle. After a serious ski injury to her knee in 2009, she needed to switch to low-impact fitness, and yoga became her new passion. As her body healed, she realized yoga was also opening her mind. Yoga continues to reveal new pathways to spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and community connection.

Claudia’s weekly classes offer meditation, breath awareness, balance work and challenging asanas, sprinkled with a sense of playfulness. She layers ancient wisdom, poetry, mudras, and visualizations into her creative flows. Claudia is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher with five years of experience. Off her mat, Claudia’s favorite activities include scuba, snorkeling, bike riding, hiking, decorating, and cooking. She and her husband love to travel and spend time with family.