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Imagine meeting your future business partner before you started kindergarten, wore braces or had your first crush. You shared a room, clothes and secrets with this person and they know you inside and out. One of the best things about the partnership between sisters Kelly and Rhiannon is they foster one others strengths, develop ideas and grow together.

A shared passion for well-being, love of Yoga and desire to create something big was too strong to ignore. Having backgrounds in business, accounting, human resources, marketing, communications, writing and program management, the sisters’ combined skills are a powerhouse for running the studio smoothly — and even more importantly — building an engaging community. Through this engagement, they have developed strong relationships with students and in the Columbus community making Mat Happy a second home for their clients — their “happy place.” Learn more about Kelly Mehring and Rhiannon Mehring (insert links).

What is meant to be will always find its way! Serendipity doesn’t happen often, which is why it is so special. It’s that feeling you get inside when you’ve unexpectedly met someone and you just know it’s going to be exceptional.

Our “blind date” with Colleen was meant to discuss all-things-yoga with this superstar who recently moved to Columbus. It quickly turned into feeling like we were catching up with an old girlfriend discussing our love, or rather obsessions of coffee, food , animals, and of course Yoga. Colleen has this way of using words, touch and simply her presence to awaken your spirit and lighten your mood. This lady knows her stuff, too, with over a decade of experience teaching in multiple markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about Colleen O’Brien McFall (link).

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Long before we left our previous careers to follow our passion, Mary Ellen Coleman was on the receiving end of a phone call that would set into motion the birth of Mat Happy. Talking with her feels like the warm spot illuminated by the sun or the familiar comfy blanket you seek to embrace. Once you’ve experienced her knowledge, her depth and wisdom — not to mention her kindness, you find yourself seeking her presence time and time again. You grow a little stronger, a little happier, and a little wiser after each workshop, class or encounter with this pioneer in the Columbus yoga community. Learn more about Mary Ellen Coleman (link)

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