Mat Happy Yoga in Hilliard, Ohio | Yoga Studio

This is your practice – get what your body and mind craves.

Some days you need to challenge your body and push hard to break out of your comfort zone. Other days are best suited for quieting the chatter in your mind and shaking off the day (Classes listed in order of intensity – low to high).

Restore & Revive

Set your intentions for the week – recharge your body and calm your nervous system in this healing practice. Using props and longer pose holds, invite the body to relax and release tension (All levels welcome).

Deep Stretch

This class targets primary muscle groups to assist in lengthening and relaxing tension throughout the body. Longer pose holds and intentional breath allow the body to fully relax and open (All levels welcome).

Yin Yoga

A quiet, meditative practice that increases flexibility and strength in the joints, builds stamina, and stills the mind. Long held poses are mostly practiced seated or lying on the floor and held in stillness for three to five minutes, allowing the connective tissues in the body to gently release (All levels welcome).

Align & Flow

This class integrates an anatomy and or philosophical focus with a slow flow asana practice, imparting an experience of a mini workshop. (All levels welcome).

Community Flow ($5 cash drop-in)

This Vinyasa flow class is offered at a discounted rate to help make yoga more accessible to the community! Taught by recent grads of the Mat Happy Yoga Teacher Training program, each class is thoughtfully themed. (All levels welcome – no pre-registration available).

Zen Flow

A blend of Vinyasa flow, restoration and meditation. (Some yoga experience helpful).

Slow Burn Vinyasa

Creatively designed to build heat in the body and bring awareness to the breath, you’ll work toward building a stronger body, a more balanced mind and an inspired spirit. Some classes include essential oils (Some yoga experience helpful).

Yin to Vin

Combining passive and active asanas, this practice unites the deep holds of “yin-style” yoga with an energizing vinyasa flow that culminates in a deeply satisfying experience (some yoga experience helpful).

Yoga/Pilates Fusion

This fusion class combines the muscle sculpting benefits of pilates with yoga postures designed to tone, lengthen & strengthen (Some yoga experience helpful).

Flex & Flow

Combine effort and ease while toning muscle and building heat. Flow through various yoga postures while using 2-3 lb. hand weights (some experience helpful).

Vinyasa Flow

Build heat with breath and movement as you flow through your poses working on balance, stretching and core (Some yoga experience helpful).

Power Flow

Transition through a series of postures using dynamic breath and strong flowing movement to build strength and increase stamina. Play with arm balances & inversions (Yoga experience helpful). *most classes are heated to 85 degrees